The Perfect Fit for Any Space
The BRIX from GIGABYTE is an ultra compact, versatile DIY PC kit that redefines the desktop PC in terms of miniaturization, with a form factor that is small enough to sit in the palm of your hand.
The Perfect Fit for Any Space

The GIGABYTE BRIX™ sets a new standard for desktop miniaturization that makes it perfect as a discrete HTPC/multimedia device, an ultra-low power PC for the family, an office PC or as a digital signage display. The GIGABYTE BRIX™ is the perfect fit for any space.

The Perfect Compact Home PC
  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Study

The Perfect Compact Home PC

Vertical Markets

An Ultimate Graphics Powerhouse

Powerful Commercial Applications

At the Office

Simpler and Smarter Digital Life

Ideal Mini-PC for all
Your Home Theater Needs
GIGABYTE BRIX™ delivers a superior  4K visual experience, and mounted to the back of the TV, your GIGABYTE BRIX™ seamlessly integrates into any living room space.
Small Size, Big Performance
The GIGABYTE BRIX™ delivers a fully functioning PC at a fraction of the size, providing powerful performance, multiple display support and audio connectivity for any professional office environment.
With Looks That Get Noticed
The GIGABYTE BRIX™ is an economical and robust digital signage solution that delivers flexibility and customization for your customers.
Light and Flexible Compact PC Kit
The GIGABYTE BRIX™ features a stylish desgin with a brushed aluminum surface chassis, and comes complete with a GIGABYTE compact form factor motherboard, Mini PCIe Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Combo module, VESA mounting bracket and power adapter. The GIGABYTE BRIX™ gives users the flexibility to independently choose integrated storage and system memory sizes, without the trouble of sourcing components that are not widely available on the retail market.



Beyond the 4Cs  
The New Standard of GIGABYTE BRIX™
Compact - Small Form Factor PC KIT
Capability - Excellent PC Performance
Connectivity - Multiple Display, Audio Connectivity and WIFI
Convenience - Perfect For Home/Work PC, HTPC, Digital Signage...
SuperSpeed 4K HD Entertainment
Native 4K HD Decode Support

The GIGABYTE BRIX™ now support a native resolution of 4K, bringing unrivalled visual clarity and stunning realism to owners of 4K HDTV or PC monitors. This also opens up new possibilities for those in the digital signage interested in the small footprint of the GIGABYTE BRIX™, and those in need of a 4K display solution capable of delivering an ultra-realistic, high definition visual experience.

Multi-display productivity with HDMI & DisplayPort++

BRIX supports up to three independent displays through HDMI and a DisplayPort ++ without the need for an additional graphics card. Support for three display is only possible with daisy-chain connections through Display Port++.

Extreme Intel® USB 3.1 Controller
GIGABYTE introduces the fast 10Gb/s USB3.1 Gen2 protocol to its BRIX units over the new reversible USB Type-C™ port. Powered by the Intel® USB 3.1 controller which utilizes 4 PCIe Gen 3 lanes, the GIGABYTE BRIX Type-C™ port is presented with a wide and uncompromised bandwidth to reach the limits of the USB 3.1 protocol and make back-ups or file transfers a quick operation, Additionally, USB 3.1 is backwards compatible with USB 2.0 and 3.0 making the GIGABYTE BRIX a versatile and widely compatible small form factor PC over a wider range of devices.

Connecting the Future - USB Type-C™: The World's Next Universal Connector
Reversible Dual USB Type-C™ with USB 3.1
The USB Type-C™ is a new reversible connector that is loaded with useful features such as USB 3.1 support for 10Gb/s transfer speed. Powered by the Intel® USB 3.1 controller, this little port provides the best USB Type-C™ experience possible.
* Display feature may vary by model.


USB 3.0 and Network Connectivity
GIGABYTE BRIX™ also includes a M.2 module offering IEEE 802.11ac Wi-Fi and the latest Bluetooth 4.2, providing connectivity for low power Bluetooth devices and peripherals, as well as allowing users to easily connect mobile devices.
VESA Support

Bundled with a VESA bracket, the GIGABYTE BRIX™ can easily be mounted behind a monitor or HDTV, offering a simple and effective way to turn any VESA-compliant display or TV into a full-featured PC or digital signage unit.

2.5" Hard Drive Support

Utilizing SATA III 6 Gb/s high speed data transfer technology, the GIGABYTE BRIXs supports the installation of one 2.5” SATA 6Gbps HDD or Solid State Drive (SSD) and one M.2 2280 SSD module. This allows for optimized storage configurations which combine fast M.2 performance with larger capacity 2.5” hard drive.

*Feature may vary by model.
The Power of Intel® Core™
Intel® 6th Gen Core™ Processors

The 6thGeneration of Intel®Core Processors range from a 2.3GHz dual-core, i3-6100U, 2.3GHz(~2.8GHz) dual-core i5-6200, to the even more powerful, 2.5GHz (~3.1GHz) dual-core-i7-6500.

The BRIX compact mini PC now offers more computing power than ever with Intel’s new 14nm processor.

When using processor-intensive application, Turbo Boost 2.0 increases the clock speed while Hyper-Treading lets each core run two threads for even more efficient multitasking. Additionally, the integrated memory controller provides a direct connection between the memory and the processor for fast data processing.

Intel® HD 520 Graphics

Intel® HD 520 Graphics deliver up to 1.34x more pixel-pushing performance than the previous generation. This directly results in smoother and more responsive video playback and game play. With the Intel® HD 520 Graphics, you now have the power needed to edit HD videos and play games at ultra-high resolutions and silky-smooth frame rates.