GA-8IP775-G (rev. )

Intel®  865P Chipset
GA-8IP775-G is the smart solution for the latest LGA775 Intel® Pentium® 4 processor with 800MHz FSB and Hyper-Threading Technology. Powered by the Intel® highest performance 865P chipset and a variety of cutting edge technologies, GA-8IP775-G is designed to be the full function platform with excellent performance. The architecture of 800MHz FSB, AGP 8x, Dual Channel DDR 400 provides promising framework for excellent performance. This platform features Gigabit Network connection and delivers optimized network throughput & platform performance. The Serial ATA, USB 2.0 are integrated to provide superior I/O performance and data protection. GA-8IP775-G will definitely delivers the uppermost platform with unprecedented computing power and rock-solid stability.
  • Supports LGA775 Intel® 90nm Pentium® 4 Processor with HT Technology
  • Supports dual channel DDR 400 memory architecture
  • Supports AGP 8x interface for high quality graphics performance
  • Supports Serial ATA inferface
  • Marvell gigabit ethernet controller
  • Integrated 8-channel AC' 97 audio with Universal Audio Jack
Type Subject
Driver / Software / OS why do some options in the EasyTune 4 can't work?
The options in the EasyTune 4 depends on the M/B. It means that if your M/B can't support the option and then it will not work in the EasyTune 4.
Driver / Software / OS Are there any restrictions or limitations when using Xpress Recovery2 software?
If your hard disk size capacity is larger than 137GB, Xpress Recovery2 will install successfully under Windows XP SP1or later, Windows 2000 SP3or later. If you are using any older versions of O.S to the ones that was mentioned, please install software called "EnableBigLba" , to ensure Xpress Recovery2 will install properly.
Driver / Software / OS How to determine whether drivers are all installed?
Download Center can help to verify. You may click here for the instructions.
Storage Devices When system reboot, my SATA HDD that is connected to ICH5/ICH5R SATA interface cannot be recognized
Please update the latest BIOS to fix the problem.
Driver / Software / OS I try to get the IAA driver from Intel or your website, but I still cannot install it in Windows XP. The installation program just show me a alert box to mention the board doesn't supported. Can you tell me how should I install the driver?
Based on Intel chipset specification, if you don't use SATA RAID feature that ICH5R/ICH6R provides, or your MB just comes with ICH5/ICH6 chip, the board you have doesn't need to install IAA under Windows XP. The ICH5/ICH6 series chip can work properly with Windows default driver.
Memory Can I use DDR and DDR2 memory modules on this motherboard at the same time? How can I enable Dual Channel technology?
According to the chipset specification, you could not use DDR and DDR2 memory modules at the same time. You could only choose to run either one memory type on your motherboard. Secondly, if you want to enable DDR memory Dual Channel technology, you need to have two exactly same type/size of memory modules on this MB. For more information, please refer to the memory section on the manual.
Storage Devices When install SATA HDD to the SATA port that is provided by ICH5/ICH5R chip, the HDD will only work at UDMA5 mode. How can I make my SATA HDD wokring in faster speed?
Based on Intel ICH5R controller specification, the controller supports max. transfer mode of IDE channel is UDMA5. Meanwhile, the SATA ports that is provided by ICH5R are mapped from IDE channel. Thus, when you connect SATA HDD to the ports ICH5 provides, the max. HDD transfer rate will be set at UDMA5.
Storage Devices Why can't I use the IDE 2?
Please refer to the user manual and check whether you have connected any cable that is not provided with the motherboard package to the USB Over Current pin in the Front USB Panel. If the cable is your own cable, please remove it from this pin and do not connect any of your own cables to it.
Peripherals Why can't sound come from rear audio after front audio is connected?
This is normal situation. They can't be used on the same time. You can have the alternative of using front audio connector or of using rear audio connector to play sound.
Storage Devices How to set in the BIOS to bootup from the IDE/ SCSI/ RAID card ?
Please set in the BIOS as follow:
  1. Advanced BIOS features-->SATA/RAID/SCSI boot order: "SCSI"
  2. Advanced BIOS features--> First boot device: "SCSI" Then it depends on the modeRAID or ATA that you need to set in RAID/ SCSI BIOS.
Driver / Software / OS My computer seems to be unstable when playing 'Counter-Strike 1.5' and 'Warcraft III'.
  1. Please first clarify if your system uses Realtek audio codec ALC 655, ALC 650, ALC201, ALC 101…
  2. If your system uses Realtek audio codec, please download the latest driver and reinstall the audio driver.
Driver / Software / OS Trying to press F9 key to run Xpress Recovery while BIOS POST, but still can't work. How can I get the utility working?
The Xpress Recovery utility has been included into MB driver CD. You can use the driver CD to boot up system. Then you will find the related option to execute Xpress Recover under boot up menu later.
Memory Does DDR memory work in 2.5v? Why can't my DDR memory module work stable?
Yes. Based on DDR memory specification, the deafult voltage Vdd is 2.5v. If your memory modules needs higher voltage to work, please check your MB H/W and make sure the board provides related feature to increase Vdd later.
Peripherals My motherboard provides Wake On LAN feature as you mentioned. But, I don't know how to enable the feature. Can you tell me?
At first, please try to get into BIOS setup program. Then under Power Management section, please try to enable PME EVENT WAKE UP option and save the setting to exit the program. After reboot into Windows, please open Device Manager, then check the status of LAN controller and enable the device wake up option later.
Others The ICH4/5 SouthBridge chipset on my Intel® motherboard appears damaged or 'burnt'. How did this happen?
The GIGABYTE Global RMA Service Center has recently become aware of the randomly occurring risk to ICH4/5 SouthBridge chipsets on Intel® motherboards to become damaged or "burnt" when a USB device is connected. Please read the following paragraphs to learn more about this issue.
Why did this happen?
There are three likely causes:
  1. Accumulated static electricity from the human body may have been transmitted to the ICH4/5 SouthBridge chipset when connecting a USB device if it has not been "grounded".
  2. A connected USB device does not have any static electricity protection.
  3. Accumulated static electricity in a front-panel USB port that is not properly "grounded" with the PC casing.
Usage Tips
  1. Avoid touching the USB connector.
  2. Release static electricity within your USB device by touching the USB connector to any metal surface before plugging it into your computer.
  3. Use rear-panel USB ports on your PC whenever possible.
  4. Use a three-pronged electrical cord to connect a power supply to your PC.
  5. Use only approved or certified power supplies.
Driver / Software / OS Could you let me know why my O.S. Win98/WinME is down when I click on the TSR Realtek icon? The Realtek audio driver I installed was from the driver CD.
Please uninstall the current audio driver and then install the latest version for this Realtek chipset. You could click here to download the driver.
BIOS Why is my HDD size is around 2MB~6MB less when using with GIGABYTE m/bs?
Gigabyte m/bs has BIOS Rescue embedded in bios and Xpress Recovery embedded in driver CD features. Bios Rescue feature will occupy size around 2MB in your HDD. This space occupied by this feature cannot be recovered. Xpress Recovery feature will occupy around 6MB in your HDD when using Gigabyte driver CD to boot, This space occupied by this feature cannot be recovered. This feature will occupy more space further once you choose to backup the existing data of your HDD. The space depends on the size of your data store in your HDD, ratio around 1 to 1. The space occupied by this feature can be used as a separate partition after deleting the backup data.
Driver / Software / OS Windows crashes when I start Adobe Audition, Adobe Encore DVD, Adobe Premiere Elements, or Adobe Premiere Pro.
Please upgrade Realtek HD audio driver to latest version, and you can download this driver from Realtek website at
Driver / Software / OS After editing settings within EasyTune5 and selecting 'auto load last save on next reboot'. When system is rebooted why are the last changes made in EasyTune5 not saved.
To save the settings made, kindly make sure you first select the button [GO] and then select button [Save] before rebooting the system.
Driver / Software / OS After using the program Xpress Recovery2 from the Driver CD to backup the files, when rebooting the system why won't Xpress Recovery run by pressing F9 as indicated, the only way to run Xpress Recovery2 is by inserting the Driver CD and running it off the CD?
The latest version of Xpress Recovery2 has fixed this issue, please go to Utility section under Motherboard support and download latest Xpress Recovery2.
Memory When installing a FSB533 CPU and memory of speed DDR400 on my motherboard, the system will recognize the memory as DDR333. Is there anyway to setup my memory as DDR400 in the BIOS?
Due to chipset limitation, when using a CPU of FSB533 the highest memory speed that can be achieved is DDR333.